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Argentina Comic Con 2017


Argentina Comic Con

Days: 26, 27, and 28 May 2017
Location: Center Costa Salguero


What is argentina comic-con?

It is the largest and most important pop culture convention in the history of Argentina. Comic-Con (Comic Convention) is the definition of a genre of convention or type of event dedicated to pop culture which is currently being held in different parts of the world. It originated in the United States where it has been performing for more than 30 years, and has the participation and presence of all film and TV studios, video games and publishing houses. As well as being the most important and incredible annual pop culture event, Comic-Con is also an advertising and presentation platform for the film, TV, video game and music industry.


Movies & TV
Argentina COMIC-CON is an advertising platform for the film and television industry. The main film studios and TV channels participate in presenting their next releases, with official advances, unpublished material, exclusive interactive experiences and much more.

The biggest cosplay activities and competitions in Argentina are in Argentina COMIC-CON. There would also be STAR WARS cosplay parades and various activities for cosplayers (photo ops., Sets, etc)


Panels with international artists will tell you about their experience and the public can ask questions.

Cycle of talks of outstanding producers, artists and more.

Sculpture show, homage, Japanese marks, featured comics, Zombification, LEGO, Fan Exhibition and LA MASA presentation, free wrestler.

Argentina Comic-Con 7ma edition brings you an incredible proposal for all lovers of video games.
The Gaming Area is a space where the main gaming brands expose their new games and technologies.
A space where you can play games before you leave the market, live unique experiences with cutting-edge technologies and much more!

Artists Alley
The area ARTISTS 'ALLEY is the heart of Argentina Comic-Con!
A space where the main artists of professional comics, both national and international, exhibit and sell.
In this edition more than 80 super talented artists are waiting for you so you can know their arts, acquire their unique works and sketch.

Argentina COMIC-CON 7ma edition will offer you a gastronomic proposal of luxury for this edition.
With 18 gastronomic positions contemplate gourmet options that go from food trucks of different cuisines of the world (Mexico, Japan, Germany, Argentina), positions of Vegan food, celiacs, fast food, Argentine grill, ice cream shop and much more. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the fabulous candys positions of Cinemark and Hoyts that offer you the same experience of the cinemas when acquiring pochoclos and other goodies!

And if this were not enough, in this edition you will also be able to enjoy the "Head of Porcupine Express" a thematic space inspired by the Harry Potter franchise where you will be able to enjoy the delights of the magical world such as Beer of butter ( Butter beer), chocolate frogs And MUCH MUCH MORE!


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