Arduino Workshop

Duration: 2 meetings (4 hours each).
Date: To confirm.
Arduino is an open source platform for the development of programmable hardware.
Its main objective is to facilitate access to microcontrollers (the brain of many modern systems with autonomous capabilities) through a series of low-cost and widely distributed products. Accompanying Arduino is the universe of modular electronics: with philosophies similar to that of Arduino, various companies, hobbyists and independent professionals develop all kinds of compatible logic components, sensors and actuators.

The workshop:

With an intensive syllabus in the form of theoretical-practical classes, the Arduino Workshop aims to provide the student with a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of the platform in real-world applications, without losing sight of the timely teaching of basic structures. In this way, the student will have the necessary tools to start developing small projects of great utility.

Duration: 2 days of 4 hours
Format: TTN


Arduino, platform areas

Introduction to programming and electronics

Special features of the various plates available

Sensors (analog and digital)

Actuators (overview of motors and other commonly used actuators).

Communication protocols

Arduino as software: Applications
All the materials to work during the course are part of the Image Campus infrastructure: Components, supplies, tools and instruments. Bring your notebook!

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Teacher in charge of the workshop:


Prof. Egar Almeida

Project developer in the Special Projects area of ​​Infinito to Discover, a technology-based non-formal education program under the Ministry of Education of the Nation.
It also serves as mentor at Creactivis, Non-formal education workshop for children and adolescents from 10 to 18 years of age.
Passionate about programming and electronics, Egar also works as a consultant and developer of prototypes of technology-based products for pharmaceutical laboratories, surgery, and orthopedics, as well as commercial products.
He worked in the video game industry for 13 years, developing video games for GBA, WiiWare, Nintendo DS, PC and Web platforms.

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