Nature at play or games in nature

Nature at play or games in nature?

Art games to reflect on socio-environmental issues connecting art, science, technology and empathy


The meeting is a proposal to introduce us to the interdisciplinary development process behind "Beyond the Garden", "Mar Encantado" and "Biojuego: Aquí y ahora el Antropoceno", three own experimental artistic works, which investigate strategies to reduce the impact climate change through affection, scientific dissemination and collective work.

The screens, the peripherals and the physical objects with which we play operate as interfaces that suggest possible actions and ideas about the world within the universe that games propose to us. Taking into account the context of climate change, we will reflect on modes of interaction, fictional worlds and uses of technology that propose contact with nature through the design of alternative controls, virtual reality and transmedia narratives.

"Beyond the Garden" is a video game made with illustrations made with graphite pencils and alternative controllers, whose protagonists are the plants and animals of the Paraná Delta. "Enchanted Sea" in a VR project for Oculus Quest 2 that mixes science and spirituality to show life in the Argentine Sea. "Biogame: Here and Now the Anthropocene" is a collective artist's book that incorporates game mechanics to reflect on climate change.


Saturday 5 2022 November


16:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. - ARG


In person at Image Campus

Laura Palavecino - Nucleo Meeting 2021

Laura Palavecino

Laura Palavecino was born in Argentina and is a visual artist, teacher and researcher in the field of technological art and game studies. She is a Master in Electronic Arts graduated with honors from the National University of Tres de Febrero, Image and Sound Designer graduated from FADU-UBA and has training in Fine Arts (EMBA Carlos Morel).

At a professional level, he has been working for more than twelve years in the video game industry and new media as a 2D artist: development, illustration, animation and UI/UX design. He also carries out projects in the field of experimental videogames and electronics in which traditional art and technology come together with the aim of strengthening ties with nature. She is a member of the UNA Game Studies Group and co-founder of Women in Games Argentina. Among other distinctions, she has received the ELAP Scholarship (Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program, 2019), she participated in the INNOVART Art and Innovation Program (2018-2020) and obtained second place in the Fusión 2020 award.

His video game and electronic works: The Tale of the Fox and the Crane, Dream Interaction, Orpheus Quest, Stellar Dream Seeker, Proyecto Astrolabe-Tecnopoética Andina Fulldome, Flora Mirabilis, Beyond the Garden, Bambi-Bot and High in the Sky and Beneath the Stars, were presented at the National Museum of Immigrants, Muntref Caseros, General San Martín Cultural Center, Néstor Kirchner Cultural Center, Galileo Galilei Planetarium, +Code, Fundación Proa (in Argentina), and internationally at Incubate Arcade (Netherlands ), Alt.Ctrl.GDC2017, (San Francisco, USA), Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), BIENALSUR-Festival Factors 8.0 (Santa María, Brazil) and AMAZE Festival (Berlin, Germany).

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