Introduction to game development

Introduction to game development

A meeting for those who do not know where to start and want to find out how to do it


Talk about roles, tools and activities involved in video game development, through different links and useful information to take away. If you don't know about video games, introduce yourself with this talk and come to ask all the questions you have.


Saturday 5 2022 November


14:30 p.m. to 15:30 p.m. - ARG


In person at Image Campus

Sergio Baretto

Sergio Baretto

A graduate of the fourth class of video game developers at Image Campus, Sergio has worked in the audiovisual industry in areas of video game development and software programming. He works with various programming languages ​​and tools, focusing on cross-platform development. In 2011 he rejoined Image Campus as a teacher and since then he has specialized in training both students with programming knowledge, who want to train in specific tools and platforms, and those who, without prior knowledge, want to enter the world of video game programming. At the same time, she trains groups of professionals from important local video game production companies in the custom content that these companies hire regularly at Image Campus. Sergio is one of the first “Unity Certified Developers” in Argentina, having completed his certification at the Unity offices in San Francisco during its launch at GDC2016.

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