Immersive Technologies Industry: Creation, production and distribution of content

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Immersive Technologies Industry: Creation, production and distribution of content


We will explore two international success stories:
Gloomy Eyes and Paper Birds

About Gloomy Eyes 
Directed by: German Heller and Federico Carlini,

About Paper birds 
Directed by: Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso,
Synopsis: Paper Birds is the story of a myopic boy with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, led by the shadows. He will use the depth of music to open portals to the invisible world. He will face the shadows and they will reveal his purpose.

This journey uses the senses to evoke our inner darkness and the mystery that lies within it. The unknown that we are often afraid to see. A story about inspiration, intuition, emotion, and how music invokes these qualities.

Guest Specialists: German Heller, Fernando Maldonado and Julien Brun
Moderated by: Ignacio Dimattia


Saturday October 24, 2020


18:35 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. - ARG


100% online - Via Zoom

Fernando Maldonado

Fernando Maldonado

Fernando Maldonado was born in 1978, in San Juan, Argentina. He graduated from UNSJ as a professor of visual arts and trained in 3D animation. His first short film “La Mix”, directed with Lucas Aguirre, was awarded by Telefe Cortos first edition (2004) and selected by Mar del Plata Film festival (2005). He has lived in Buenos Aires since 2008 and works as Animation Director at 3Dar Studios. He co-directed Shave it (2013) with Jorge Tereso, awarded by many international festivals, including Anima Mundi and Short of the week, and was part of the official selection of more than 80 film festivals. He was Animation Director at Uncanny Valley (2015) awarded by more than 25 international festivals and in official selection in more than 100 festivals. He was Animation Director of the environmental video clip Earth by rapper Lil Dicky for the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, where dozens of artists participate, winner of the platinum award at the Cannes Lion festival and selected for the Mtv awards. He currently co-directs with Jorge Tereso the Virtual Reality (VR) series Gloomy Eyes narrated by Colin Farrell, selected by Sundance Festival, winner of the Annecy, SXSW, New Images festivals and Official Selection at the Biennale de Venice.

German Heller

German Heller

He was born in Buenos Aires in '81. Self-taught software engineer, he worked 5 years in the industry. After dropping out of college and an IT development career, he founded 3DAR in 2004 at the age of 23 with the goal of creating a more inspiring work environment that connects art and technology. The company was born with a disruptive identity and quickly became a magnet for talented visual arts and technology professionals with a creative drive. He has led the company as CEO for more than 15 years driving innovation in both high-end services and original content fronts. He also works as a creator, director, and producer for many life experiences, television commercials, and independent projects. His most recent project is Paper Birds, of which he is a screenwriter, co-director and co-producer, and is currently competing in international festivals.

Julien Brun

Julien Brun

Manager of Virtuality

Ignacio Dimattia

Moderator: Ignacio Dimattia

MediaMaker, Professor and Researcher in Media, New Technologies, Culture and Society. From 2013 he is General Director of the NEO Media Lab of UNTREF Media (UNTREF, National University of Tres de Febrero). Space dedicated to research, reflection, production and strategic linking that focuses new media. From the 2009 he has specialized in the field of Immersive Technologies. At 2019, it was convened by the French Institute to participate in the Focus on Immersive Reality Technology program, an initiative that will bring together industry professionals in March to stimulate the production of immersive content, generate alliances and agreements with representatives from Europe.