The challenge of creating a decentralized platform

The challenge of creating a decentralized platform

(Nicolas Earnshaw)

The use of the blockchain to decentralize ownership and decision-making, an infrastructure composed of community servers and to enable the free creation of content that coexists in harmony with each other, are the three fundamental aspects in the challenge of creating a decentralized platform, such as DECENTRALAND. .

About Decentraland in general:
Decentraland is an open world where community creators and players own the lands and assets of the game. It was born as a blockchain project, with its own economy, but it aims to be first of all a platform to socialize and have content of all kinds, including games, art museums, conference centers, virtual stores, etc. It opened its doors at the beginning of this year (2020) and since then it has been growing and adding functionality to the platform.


Saturday October 31, 2020

Opening times

16:15 p.m. to 16:45 p.m. - ARG


100% online - Via Zoom

Nicolas Earnshaw

Nicolas Earnshaw

He is the Developer Experience Manager of Decentraland, where he aims to improve the tools and experience of content creators who develop their games on the platform. Previously, he spent several years writing technical documentation for developers. He completed a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, which gives him a background in AI and usability. He has been a gamer (on PC) since he has been using a PC.