Road to success: How do I make a living from what I like?

Road to success: How do I make a living from what I like?

(Roy Magariños)

I am going to introduce you to IC-CUBE, an incubator created exclusively for the Image Campus Community where you will be able to enhance your artistic criteria and professionalize your production process.

In addition, I am going to give you tips and shortcuts so that you can market your knowledge and finally fulfill the dream of living what you like.


Saturday October 24, 2020

Opening times

16:20 p.m. to 16:50 p.m. - ARG


100% online - Via Zoom

Roy Magariños, Project: Boss Fight VR, IC-Cube - Image Campus Incubator

Roy Magariños

Videogame producer and consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, expert in strategic design and development of mobile business models F2P. His vision is to create high impact digital products that influence human behavior, develop habits and generate culture. He has a technical background with 15 for years as a videogame programmer, team management and leadership of technological developments. Its strength lies in the sensitivity to understand human behavior and convert that chain of actions into a solid and measurable business plan.