Agility focused on customers

Agility focused on customers

(Vanesa Binsztok)

How can we develop truly customer-centric organizations? How can we deliver value to them, being relevant in such a changing world?
Fortunately, most organizations understand the importance of put the customer at the center. This does not contain any news, nor does the context of rapid change in which we are living. What we are experiencing, then, is the way to make it effective.
Advancing on this path implies an enormous challenge that touches all dimensions of a company. The way we organize ourselves, the way we do business, our path in digital transformation and the culture that identifies us. It impacts everyone. To people, leaders, teams and the entire organization.
Agility focused on customers it is not a new area, nor is it a method or a set of tools. It is a new approach, a new paradigm.
Today's business world is different from the business world of a decade or two ago. Organizations today are faced with increased complexity created by phenomena such as increasing variable and changeable customer demands, shorter product lifecycles, global competition, and closer integration of the supply chain. delivery of value. The world has moved from a seller's market to a buyer's market.
La differentiation and the innovation are fundamental competencies to succeed in this new agile paradigm.

Come to learn and tour the virtuous path of customer-focused agility:

  1. Discover our valuable audience
  2. Focus on Impact Problems, not Solutions
  3. Co-design Fact-Based Hypothesis
  4. Experiment in Uncertainty
  5. Generate Impact on the Experience
  6. Learn Based on Evidence
  7. Develop a Long Term Relationship
  8. Unlearn to Learn Innovate


Saturday October 31, 2020

Opening times

16:15 p.m. to 16:45 p.m. - ARG


100% online - Via Zoom

Vanesa Binsztok

Vanesa Binsztok

Enterprise Agile Coach & Innovation Consultant. Enteprise Agility Embassador at Enterprise Agility Institute Argentina and Customer Agility® Traineer.

Experience in organizational transformation with a focus on business. Specialist in differentiation and innovation phases and agile product development. Pioneer in the incorporation of agile practices in creative industries in Argentina. Led Disney Labs, the Innovation Program of The Walt Disney Company Latam. I implemented in the Creative area of ​​The Walt Disney Company an agile model for brand and product development with a focus on local content with global reach. With this framework we created several successful brands such as Soy Luna, Junior Express, Once and Violetta: the first global franchise created outside the US. I was Manager of Educational Management and Director of the Image and Sound Area of ​​Image Campus. I work as a Professor in Agility in the Specialization Career in Design and Brand Management. Professor at UADE in the Subject Entrepreneurship of Entertainment Companies in the Media and Entertainment Management Career. Certified in CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner®) CSM (Certified ScrumMaster®), CAL I (Certified Agile Leadership I®), Management 3.0 and Enterprise Agility Accredited®.