Núcleo 2019 - Videogames: I like everything and I don't know what to start with

Video games: I like everything and I don't know what to start with

Roles and areas guide to get started in video game development without dying in the attempt
(Sergio Baretto)

You will create your first augmented reality experience, using Unity and Vuforia. You do not need previous knowledge! You can bring your own digital content (3D models, images, videos) that will be worked in the workshop for you to take your product running on the cell phone.

IMPORTANT: You must have an Android cell phone to carry out the experience.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

14: 00 15 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 2 - 2nd Floor - Image Campus

Sergio Baretto, Professor at Image Campus

Sergio Baretto

Graduated from the fourth promotion of Image Campus video game developers, Sergio has worked in the audiovisual industry in areas of video game development and software programming. It works with different programming languages ​​and tools, oriented to cross-platform development. In 2011 he rejoined Image Campus as a teacher and since then he specializes in training both students with programming skills, who wish to train in specific tools and platforms, as well as those who, without previous knowledge, want to enter the world of video game programming At the same time, it trains professional groups of important local videogame producers in the content as these companies regularly hire in Image Campus. Sergio is one of the first “Unity Certified Developers” in Argentina, having completed his certification at the Unity offices in San Francisco during his launch in GDC2016.

Especially recommended for:

  • Secondary students of recent years
  • Interested in studying Videogames

► For Image Campus Students valid 3 CEPPIC points