Core 2019 - Animate in real time thanks to a game engine

Animate in real time thanks to a game engine

(Pablo Toscano)

From the beginning of 3D animation, both in the film or television series industry and in video games, the rule was to first animate and then render or export to the game engine to see the outcome of the animator's work.

This way of working in productions, has its days counted. Today we can easily distinguish how production pipelines evolve to become a real-time experience. In other words, animating with the final characteristics of the production, materials, lights and an excellent frame rate is no longer a dream, if not a latent reality. Imagine a very near future where you will not need to render or export to see the final result of an animation integrated into the virtual universe, it becomes a reality and it will definitely be the way in which animators will work in the near future.

In this conference, Pablo will introduce us to the possibilities of film, advertising, television series and video games, so as not to miss this great opportunity to create quality animations quickly and efficiently.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

19: 00 20 to: 30 hours.


Auditorium - Ground Floor - Image Campus

Pablo Toscano, Graduate of Image Campus and Technical Director of Animation, Ubisoft Quebec

Paul Toscano

Graduated from Image Campus and Technical Director of Animation, Ubisoft Quebec.

He was born in Argentina in 1974. From his youth he discovered his passion for design, architecture and computers. Pablo Toscano Graduated from Image Campus and current professor of the 3D artist career at CEGEP in Limoilou in Quebec City, Pablo has his first contact with videogame production, working for the 3D department of “”. In 2003 and already established in the province of Quebec in Canada, he joined a young Canadian company called Frima Studio, in which he will occupy the position of team leader of the 3D production department. In this studio, among other productions, he will carry out projects for the BBC, the Harry Potter license and for the Cartoon Network channel. In 2005, taking advantage of the opening of a new Ubisoft studio in Quebec City, he decided to join this company, in the position of team leader of the 3D animation department. Pablo will participate in the production of video games such as Splinter Cell Double Agent, Open Season (Sony Pictures Animation) and TMNT (Imagi Animation Studios). Finally, in 2008, he was promoted to the position of animation technical director, for the wii version of the Prince of Persia license. Throughout his more than ten years of experience as an animation technical director, he has participated in different productions such as Brotherhood, 3, Black Flag, Syndicate and Odyssey of the acclaimed Assassin's Creed license. Pablo is currently working actively in the production of Gods & Monsters. A new Ubisoft license that will be available soon.