Toni Leys Core 2019

Toni Leys: Video Game Music

It presents an audiovisual musical show where electronic music is infected and transformed by video games, the series and movies that marked us, the geek culture and the internet itself.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

21: 00 22 to: 00 hours.


Auditorium - Ground Floor - Image Campus

Toni Leys

Toni Leys

Composer, music producer and sound designer for videogames (LemonChili Games, Interabang Entertainment, Bits Rule Games), as well as teacher in the field of audio for videogames in our Vocational Training Paths linked to Videogame Audio, both introductory and advanced. His personal musical project focuses on borrowing sound elements from the videogame music of the 90s and applying them to the production of current electronic music. Create a mix that goes from EDM, Psytrance and Future Bass to Chiptune and 8 bits.