Nucleus 2019 - Mocap Workshop

Mocap Workshop

(Ignacio Lavizzari)

The basic concepts of motion capture oriented to movies and videogames, different methodologies, their evolution over time, pros and cons of each technique will be addressed. It will work with Autodesk Maya software, on material captured in a professional mocap studio.

Important: To participate in the workshop you need to have knowledge of some 3D software.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

19: 00 21 to: 30 hours.


Workshop Classroom - 1st Floor - Image Campus

Ignacio Lavizzari, professor at Image Campus

Ignacio Lavizzari

He trained in Visual Arts and Animation, both practical and theoretical. He served as a character animator for advertising, video games and movies. He was part of the animation area in the feature films "Metegol", "Kiribati, an old adventure" and "Liniers, The simple stroke of things". His short film "La Fuga" was selected in more than 30 international festivals. I work as a character animator in “Estudio Uno,” the largest motion capture studio in Latin America. Teacher of the 3D Animation Vocational Training Course in Image Campus.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Students and graduates with knowledge of Soft 3D

► For Image Campus Students valid 3 CEPPIC points