Núcleo 2019 - Mapping Workshop with After Effects

Mapping workshop with After Effects

(Ignacio Pol)

The mapping technique allows you to use any object or facade of the real world as an 3D canvas on which videos designed and calibrated to fit your shape are projected. In this way, by taking advantage of its volume, it generates in the viewer the feeling that this static object comes alive. In the workshop we will use this technique to map various videos on an 3D print, from a digital model.

Important: It is suggested to have basic handling of After Effects and its 2.5D environment.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

14: 00 15 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 7 - Ground floor - Image Campus

Ignacio Pol

Ignacio Pol

Degree in Audiovisual Realization, creator from 2009 of CONTROL Studio, where he currently serves as VFX Supervisor and Senior Composer for film, tv, advertising, theater, events and virtual reality projects. With experience in the industry from 2005 as Generalist 3D, Motion Graphics Artist and Stereoscopy Supervisor in various studios such as Plunk, Rutilante, Arrow and Matiz, among others. Mapping and After Effects teacher at Image Campus.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Technician in Production and Animation 3D

► For Image Campus Students valid 3 CEPPIC points