Panel: Video Game Industry

Panel: Video Game Industry

Directors of the main studies will show us their projects and give us their vision of the current state of the industry and their 2020 projections.


Saturday 2 2019 November

Opening times

15: 30 17 to: 00 hours.


Auditorium- Ground Floor - Image Campus

Daniel Gomez Cortés

Diego Gómez Cortes - NXA Studios

General Director of NXA Studios Argentina. With a strong background in art direction, he worked on a variety of projects such as Street Fighter V, MK X, Assassin's Creed Origins, For Honor, Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11. Accompanied by a super fantastic team, he spent the last 3 years developing a service model dedicated exclusively to individual studies. Focused on the development and specialization of characters. Daniel is very fortunate to be part of a rowdy but highly productive and talented group of 35 character artists. Face ambitious challenges with quality people! That is what it is about.

Diego Ruiz - Dedalord

Diego Ruiz - Dedalord

Information Systems Engineer received at the National Technological University. Author of two programming books (C ++ object-oriented programming and C # The total programmer's guide) and more than twenty articles in the .code magazine. He worked in several local video game development companies such as Gameloft, Games and Web, Three Melons among others. He teaches classes related to video games in various institutions since the year 2003. He worked as an instructor and then coordinator of the videogames career at Image Campus from the year 2003 to the year 2012. He is currently a professor of the subject Introduction to Video Game Development at ITBA. Founding partner and director of Dedalord, company dedicated to the development and publication of original creations on various platforms and author of the games Psychoban, Falling Fred, Running Fred, Skiing Fred, Party of Heroes, SuperSonic Jack, Football Fred among others.

Andrés Chilkowski

Andrés Chilkowski - Nimble Giant

Founder of NGD (now Nimble Giant), study behind Regnum Online, Master of Orion, Drone Strike and Quantum League.

Nicolás Castez - AVIX

Nicolás Castez - AVIX

Student of Design in Visual Communication of the UNLP, after 10 years performing his work in companies and own ventures, I believe Avix in the 2013 to devote himself exclusively to the development of videogames and the promotion of the industry. Since then with their partner Leandro Camugli, they carried out their own games achieving more than 15 millions of downloads and developments for clients of the likes of Cartoon Network with intellectual properties such as Tom and Jerry, Regular Show or Steven Universe, among others. Organized together with the Municipality of La Plata 2 editions of Expo Lúdica calling more than 10 thousand people. He started the project and