Board Games Panel - Nucleo 2019

Panel: NOT EVERYTHING IS MONOPOLY: State of the Board Games Industry

How is the table game industry in Argentina? Are we leaders or are we light years from the First World? How is the "First World" of board games? Four industry references will update us in terms of graphic and game design, teaching, dissemination and production, both local and international.


Saturday 2 2019 November

Opening times

14: 00 15 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 6- 1st Floor - Image Campus

Rocio Ogñenovich

Rocio Ogñenovich

Graphic Designer (UBA) and illustrator, Rocío is dedicated to the creation of art and motion graphics for board games at OK Art Studio. With a long career in television working for companies such as Endemol and Fox, today he shares his time between the creation of art and videos with the publication of his comics Hera and Star City.

Sebastian Koziner

Sebastian Koziner

Creator of games like Oni and Mutant Crops, he began his career as an artist and project leader in video games where he worked for more than 10 years. Thanks to the success of his creations, both published internationally, he made the leap to board games with OK Art Studio, where he works today as a graphic designer with clients such as Fantasy Flight, IDW Games or Level 99.

Fabián Martinez Torre, professor at Image Campus

Fabian Martinez Torre

Its current purpose is to incorporate Argentina into the world circuit of board games (Use and Design). For which he collaborates with the dissemination and training of the history and current world of the subject. It facilitates the discovery of the playful world of teenagers, youth and adults. Game Developer, Designer and Tester from 1999. Teacher in different Tertiary Institutes from 2005. Ludopata Social for a long time, Ludquería, Ludólogo, Expert in Board Games, Playful Entrepreneur. Diffuser and facilitator of board games. Founder and current Director of Playfully. Speaker, Speaker and panelist in Board Games Days. Reference in radio, magazine and television notes.

Michel (Mich) Fischman

Michel Fischman

Social player and role-playing player (his Thursday table is sacred), he organized the game club El Timón Holandes for several years. He has owned Ogro Alegre for more than 12 years ago (the first store specializing in role-playing and board games in Argentina). He is also a co-founder partner of Buró, an Argentine publisher and game developer with offices in Brazil and Spain.

Pedro Hegoburu, Professor at Image Campus

Moderator: Pedro Hegoburu

Big fan of games in general, whether they are cards, table, role-playing or video games. It began in playful life last century, testing video games on Apple II + (Ultima IV) and playing card games (Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth) and miniatures (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) when he was not playing Runequest or The Call of Cthulhu CCG Legend of the 5 Rings playtesting leader, member of the team that made the official translation of Path of Exile, a successful ARPG. He also dedicated a lot to chess and is a Senior International Teacher and International Referee; he will represent Argentina in the preliminaries of the next distance chess Olympiad. In the professional field, he is dedicated to Marketing, has experience in Legal issues and in Media Planning, and is an Image Campus teacher.

Especially recommended for Incoming and interested:

  • Game Design
  • Higher Degree in Production and Game Design
  • Technician in Video Game Development
  • Higher Degree in Art and Video Game Animation
  • Game Art

► For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points