Nucleus 2019 - Panel: Industry Contributions to Student Work

Panel: Industry Contributions to Student Work

(Nicolás Earnshaw - Leandro Sena - Juan Pablo Chandías)

Special guests of the local videogame industry will make refunds on the work tested by students and contributions from personal and professional experience.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

20: 00 21 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 6 - 1nd Floor - Image Campus

Nicolas Earnshaw

Nicolas Earnshaw

He is a product owner of the Decentraland SDK, a task in which he proposes to deliver tools to content creators to develop their games on the platform. Previously he spent several years writing technical documentation for developers. He completed a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, which gives him a background in AI and usability. It is gamer (of PC) since using PC.

Leandro Sena

Leandro Sena

Independent Consultant, Analyst and Game Designer

He began his career at NGD Studios in 2008 as QA, mainly developing his work in the MMORPG Regnum Online. Due to his technical-analytical profile, and because of the growth opportunities that the studio offered him, he assumed the roles of Game Designer and eventually Producer of the now renowned MMORPG Champions of Regnum. In 2014, he began working as Lead Game Designer for the game Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. A triple AAA game published internationally by Wargaming and developed locally by NGD Studios. From 2017 to 2019 he held the role of Product Owner of various prototypes and games that have not yet seen the light, closing his cycle in the aforementioned study in 2019. In 2019 he founded Blue Whale Studios (patent pending), an independent company that focuses on the development of augmented reality applications, for cultural and commercial purposes, and provides consulting and services related to e-commerce. He currently works as a freelance Consultant, Analyst and Game Designer for a local studio focused on games for mobile platforms. At Image Campus, he studied professional training courses Introduction to Video Game Programming and Advanced Video Game Programming

Juan Pablo Chandías

Juan Pablo Chandías

Videogame developer for 17 years, Development Leader of Sixth Vowel, specialized in Software Architecture ”The most outstanding projects in which he participated are: Element Space (Sixth Vowel), Last Inua (Glowforth), The Oregon Trail (Gameloft ), Tom Clancy's HAWX (Gameloft).

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Technician in Video Game Development
  • Technician in Video Game Art and Animation
  • Testing and Technical QA
  • Game Development with Unity 3D
  • Introduction to Programming Video
  • Game Design
  • Game Audio

► For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points