Catalog and trajectory. Why ArgentinaArgentinos.Org?

Catalog and trajectory. Why ArgentinaArgentinos.Org?

(Alejandro Pro - Nicolás Castez) is a project that seeks to generate a database of what are the games and studies in the territory, in order to have a quick and ready answer when someone asks "Are games made in Argentina?"


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

10: 00 11 to: 00 hours.


Classroom 6 - Ground Floor - Image Campus

Alejandro Pro

Alejandro Pro

Journalist for more than five years, Alejandro writes about games from different approaches and angles. He is passionate about establishing an optimistic environment around videogames and seeks to extend the invitation to ask ourselves the right questions, but he spends most of his time sharing images of puppies on the internet.

Nicolás Castez - AVIX

Nicolas Castez

Student of Design in Visual Communication of the UNLP. After 10 years performing his work in companies and own ventures, he created Avix in 2013 to devote himself exclusively to the development of video games and the promotion of the industry. Since then, with their partner Leandro Camugli, they carried out their own games achieving more than 15 million downloads. And also developments for clients of the likes of Cartoon Network with intellectual properties such as Tom and Jerry, Regular Show or Steven Universe, among others. Organized together with the Municipality of La Plata 2 editions of Expo Lúdica, summoning more than 10 thousand people. He started the project and