Nucleus 2019 - Illustration and Digital Painting

Illustration and Digital Painting

(Ramón Ignacio Bunge)

Live demonstration of the creative process of illustration and digital painting.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

12: 00 15 to: 00 hours.


Cafeteria - 1st Floor - Image Campus

Ramón Bunge, professor at Image Campus

Ramón Ignacio Bunge

Professional comic illustrator and colorist. He illustrated for publishers such as Fantasy Flight Games and Kobold Press among many others, in titles such as A Game of Thrones - the card game and Talisman - the cataclysm. As a colorist he worked on various DC titles such as Justice League and Superman, among many others. He currently works as a colorist at Stonebot Comics, as a freelance illustrator and as a teacher at Image-Campus.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Superior Technician in Cartoons
  • Higher Degree in Art and Video Game Animation
  • Cartoons production
  • Beam
  • Advanced Beam
  • Concept Art
  • Traditional animation

► For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points