Núcleo 2019 - Sound Design in the Argentine Video Game Industry

Sound design in the Argentine Video Game Industry

(Guido Mastrángelo)

Based on his experience as head of audio in the video game industry in Argentina, Guido Mastrángelo will tell us about the technical and creative details of his work in games such as Master of Orion, Element Space, and Quantum League, among others.


Friday 1º November of 2019

Opening times

19: 00 to 21.30 hs.


Classroom 4 - 2nd Floor - Image Campus

Guido Mastrangelo

Guido Mastrángelo

For 14 years, Guido has been dedicated to sound design and music production for video games, having worked for developers such as NGD Studios (now Nimble Giant Entertainment), Bacus Studios, Qb9, Rock You, Joju Games, Abrakam. He collaborated in titles such as Master Of Orion, Trident's Wake and Element Space, as well as in various cross-platform projects. He currently works in Quantum League and Drone Strike Force, both developed in Unreal Engine and Wwise as an engine for audio implementation.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Introduction to Game Audio
  • Game Audio

► For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points