Core 2019 - How to achieve a more fluid line and more dynamic poses?

How to achieve a more fluid stroke and more dynamic poses?

(Germán Nóbile - Illustrator and cartoonist)

In this miniworkshop of Gestural Drawing, Professor Nobile, while illustrating, will explain some tips to achieve better strokes and poses. Ideal to break the ice among the participants of the Illustration Tournament.


Saturday 2 2019 November

Opening times

13: 30 to 14.00 hs.


Classroom 3 - 2nd Floor - Image Campus

Germán Nobile, professor at Image Campus

German Nobile

Illustrator and cartoonist.
His credits include having illustrated the cover of one of the last works of the acclaimed Screenwriter ALAN MOORE (Watchmen, V de Vendetta). He has also worked on the graphic novel CALIGULA with the winner of Eisner DAVID LAPHAM (Stray Bullets) and rising writers such as Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) and Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader, Iron Man). Germán is the creator of the Cartoon Day Logo and one of its original drivers. Actively participate in different conventions, giving talks and demonstrations.

Especially recommended for Incoming and interested:

  • Superior Technician in Cartoons
  • Cartoons production
  • Beam
  • Traditional animation

► For Image Campus Students valid 3 CEPPIC points