Núcleo 2019 - The technical burden of animation in videogames

The technical load of video game animation

(Federico Pizzi - Mauro Serei)

Animation is one of the artistic branches, within the development of a videogame, which finds more technical limitations throughout the production. However, these limitations enhance creativity and challenge the animation team to seek solutions outside the traditional knowledge of the art in question. We will tell our experiences as animators in video games and see how animation can create or break an experience for the player.


Saturday 2 2019 November

Opening times

13.30 to 14.30 hs.


Auditorium - Ground Floor - Image Campus

Federico Pizzi

Federico Pizzi

Natural, adaptable and professional leader with great creative ideas to solve workflow issues. In addition to the background as an animator, his solid technical knowledge allows him to perform tasks related to processes and pipeline. More than eight years of experience in the animation industry, participating in a feature film, an AAA game, and a released III. He was Director of animation at Element Space, indie game winner of several awards, in charge of project scoping, team call, team leader, production definitions, pipeline and structure development, as well as tools. He participated in important projects such as Master of Orion, Metegol and Imaginary Mary. He is currently developing an online animation course program for the Latin American region.

Mauro Serei

Mauro Serei

One of the most recognized animators in our country and a complete professional with a great technical profile. His professional skills make him an ideal team supervisor. More than ten years in the animation industry with 6 feature films and a video game released. He participated in several films of Sony Pictures Imageworks such as Angry Birds and Storks, in the VFX team of "The Secret of his Eyes", winner of the Oscar for best foreign film. He also worked on animated films in the region such as Metegol, Condorito and Un Gallo with many Eggs. He is currently developing an online animation course program for the Latin American region.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:

  • Higher Degree in Art and Video Game Animation
  • Superior Technician in Cartoons
  • Animation Professional 3D

► For Image Campus Students valid 3 CEPPIC points