Initial Manga Workshop

Initial Manga Workshop


Do you like manga? In this workshop you will be able to practice the illustration and design of manga-style characters, the backgrounds and scenes that this particular aesthetic world proposes and you will learn the main requirements to be a future professional in the art of manga.

Samantha Nice


Visual artist, digital illustrator and mangaka. She published her first manga in the manga and anime magazine "Komikku" during 2009 and 2010. She participated and won various manga and illustration contests in Argentina and Latin American countries. She works creating mascots for anime businesses and events within the country. In 2012, she was a finalist in the international manga contest organized by Editorial Norma with her manga “Gary Blood”. Together with her group, she won the Ymir 2012 manga contest, where she had her first big publication from Larp publishing house with her work "Na! Ne? Ni... love". Her work as a cartoonist and scriptwriter being so pleasing, in 2013 she published again without having to participate. She was part of several drawing exhibitions in Argentina and in 2013 she gave a manga workshop at the children's book fair. In 2014 she released her first manga serialized "somy somy login game" under the label of the Larp publishing house, a series that continues to be published. Her last work was published in 2016 with the planet publishing house with the manga "the sacrifice of deigamer". She is currently working on a new manga.