Motion Capture Workshop

Motion Capture Workshop


Motion Capture is a technique that consists in the recording of the movement and its transfer to a digital model, made in computer images. In this workshop you will learn the ABC of the technique through a practical experience.

Ignacio Lavizzari, professor at Image Campus


He trained in the Visual arts, both in practical and theoretical form. Dedicating and continuing his training in Animation. He served as a character animator for advertising, video games and cinema, being part of the animation area in the long films, "Metegol", "Kiribati, an old adventure" and "Liniers, The simple stroke of things". His short film "La Fuga" was selected in more than 30 festivals, including the "Havana Film Festival", "Noche de Monos, Chile" and the "Caracas Film Festival", among others. He currently works as a teacher and character animator.