Workshop: How is Sound and Music implemented in a Video Game?

Workshop: How is Sound and Music implemented in a Video Game?


In this workshop you will integrate the Audio material of a Videogame, implementing generative and adaptive techniques to develop a Soundtrack that addresses the needs required by a non-linear and interactive medium such as the Videogame. You will understand the logic of implementation that is required for the Audio in the video game, the work workflow, the specific knowledge of the area and the compositional methods necessary for Musicians and Sound Designers to dedicate themselves to the environment.

Eugenio Taboada


Audio Recording and Post-Production Technician, Sound Designer and Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts Sound orientation. He has worked in the world of Audio for all Audiovisual Media: Cinema, TV, Advertising Spots, Animation, Multimedia Projects and Installations. For a few years he began to specialize in the specific Sound treatment required by the non-linear world of Video Games. Dedicated to Teaching and Artistic Research and Production of Sound, he designed and implemented Study Plans for every need of the Audiovisual Art industry. Reference of the Sound Area and the Image Campus Game Audio Professional Training Path