Collective Animation Jam

Collective Animation Jam


4 hours of animation will be where the participants must create a free transformation from the same object / common form, returning to it. So that all the works connect to each other.

Collective Animation Jam - Núcleo 2017

Jorge Cuellar, professor at Image Campus


Professional artist passionate about art direction, Illustration, Animation and Character Design for Cartoons, Motion Graphics, advertising and Videogames projects. Graduated from the careers: "Integral Realization of Cartoons" (2009) and "Motion Graphics" (2011) from the Image Campus Institute, Buenos Aires. Producer, Director of Animation and Rigging of the Graduation short film "CAT OUT" which was selected to be screened at the most important festivals of the animated industry such as: "Annecy - France", "Anima mundi - Brazil", "Pisaf - Korea" and “I want to cheer you up – Argentina”. He participated in the direction and general realization of animated short films for Mtv, Sesame Street, singer Cau Bornes, Coca Cola and Comedy Central. Character animator for the series: “Doodlebops” by Disney Channel, “Tincho” and “Vuelta por el Universo” by Pakapaka and animated intros for: the fiction “Graduados” by Telefe and the movie “Copito de Nieve” for Filmax – Spain . Game Artist for the games “Mittens – Metrogames Disney”, “Doki – Discovery Kids” and “Toys Alive – Tiny Bytes”. Art Director for the 3D animated series: “Juan y Yastay” and “Mayor y Menor” from the Bujos studio for TDA. He is currently coordinator and professor of the specialization course in "Animation Techniques, Design and Illustration" at Image Campus.

Walter Lazzari, Professor at Image Campus


Professional animator of traditional 2D and Cut-Out characters. He worked for different prestigious studios such as: Hook Up, Indiecito SA, Fort Music, Illusion Studios, Bujos, among others. He worked as a character animator for advertising, movies and television series, being part of the animation area in films such as "Martín Fierro, an animated adventure", "A Movie of Eggs", "Boogie the oily"; series like “La Nave de Omi”, “Doodlebops”, “Bondiband” For the Disney XD and Disney Junior channels. He directed a winning series of an INCAA contest called “Martín y Terry” He made Storyboards for the winning series of an INCAA contest called “Historias Chicas”. He currently works as a Freelance Animator, Teacher and coordinator of the career of "Comprehensive Cartoon Director" and "Animation, Design and Illustration Techniques" at Image Campus.

Juen M; anuel Esteva, professor at Image Campus


Professional 3D and 2D digital animator and Cut-Out. Graduated from Image Campus's "Comprehensive Cartoon Production" career in 2009. He was co-scriptwriter and background artist of the Graduation short film "CAT OUT" which was selected to be screened at the most important festivals of the animated industry such as: “Annecy – France”, “Anima mundi – Brazil”, “Pisaf – Korea” and “Quiero Animarte – Argentina”. He has worked in feature films such as “Cuentos de la Selva”, “Anida y el Circo Flotante”, “Omisión”, “Hugo, Paco, Luís y tres chicas de rosa”; animated television series such as “Tincho” and “Ich”, and projects for MTV, Coca Cola, Le Cube, Comedy Central, Sesame Street. He currently works as coordinator of the "Comprehensive Cartoon Filmmaker" career and a teacher of the same and of the "3d Graphics Production and Animation for Film" career.