Living in 3D Modeling Workshop

Modeling Workshop: Living in 3D


The 3D surrounds us in different areas: animation, advertising, film, digital sculpture, architecture, videogames, impressions in healthcare, industry and others. In this workshop you will know the logic of the industry through practical experimentation, you can immerse yourself in the world of 3D and model your own objects.

Hernán Fernández, professor at Image Campus


Self-taught, after studying Bachelor in Computer Science at UNLP became interested in computer art section, devoting himself full time to the discipline of 3D. Starting with 3D Studio for DOS passed variety of projects and platforms accumulated experience in many different facets of production in both advertising and video games and film. In 2006 was integrated as a teacher at Image Campus passing many specialties such as modeling, texturing, effects, rigging, animation, simulations, acting, software and training courses to companies.