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credits: Payloaders Strike (Seven Leaf Clover), Luciana Bertot, Daniel Cappelletti, Unidigital.

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Get to know our careers with an official degree in art, animation and video games.

Technician in Video Game Development

Technician in Video Game Development

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Technician in Video Game Art and Animation

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Higher Technique in Production and Conceptual Design of Videogames

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Technician in Production and Animation 3D

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Technician in Cartoon Production

Distance Racing

Higher Technician in 3D Animation for Video Games

Higher Technician in 3D Animation for Video Games

Specialize as a character animator for video games with Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine

Higher Technician in Video Game Programming with Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot

Higher Technician in Video Game Programming with Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot

Learn to program videogames with Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot

1a LATAM School of Art, Animation and Videogames

Image Campus is a leading organization in Argentina and Latin America with more than 20 years of experience. We are widely recognized in the industry for the provision of educational services in constant innovation so that you can take your talent to another level.

Image Campus First authorized LATAM Unreal Engine Training Center.

Chosen by the best animation schools in the world under the new evaluation criteria of Animation Racing Review.

Areas of Image Campus

In our specialization paths you will be able to find specialization or initiation training with the aim of rapid job placement in the areas of design, illustration, 2D/3D animation, video games, VFX, programming, immersive technologies and applied development.

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Image Campus students have a world-class educational platform Blackboard Ultra to see the recordings of online classes again, deliver TPs, check attendance, course schedules, qualifications, internal communication, forums and consultations, among many other benefits.

For a high quality live streaming experience, they will access the Zoom Premium platform, embedded in Blackboard.

Investment in Technology and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

A state-of-the-art PC for each student with all the software required for each course. Classrooms specially designed for our activity.

Safe return to classrooms at Image Campus

We are constantly working for a safe return to classrooms.
Learn about the measures we take in biosecurity for your return to school.

The games listed here were created by students in workshops called IC-Labs. The objective in these workshops is to develop and publish simple but complete video games in a short time. These games were created by students of the various careers and courses offered at the institute and were guided and assisted by teachers in their development.

Some companies and institutions that have tried our courses

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Industry mentors and tutors

Meet our mentors and industry references, whom we call on constantly updating content and latest trends, giving talks to our community and guiding students in the "Portfolio Day" with market standards.

Neil huxley

Neil huxley

Emmy-nominated director, writer and storyteller

Pablo Toscano, Graduate of Image Campus and Technical Director of Animation, Ubisoft Quebec

Paul Toscano

Animation Technical Director, Ubisoft Quebec (Canada)

Ignacio Dimattia

Ignacio Dimattia

MediaMaker, professor and researcher

Yata Andersen

Yata Andersen

Illustrator and conceptual artist, Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Encuentro Núcleo

IC-Cube Incubator

Image Campus Labs

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What our graduates have to say

Marcos Ribatto, Co Owner Error 404, graduate of Image Campus
Mark Ribatto
error 404

Image is doing an outstanding job. Its graduates leave with a solid knowledge base adapted to the needs of the Industry. I admire the constant growth they show year after year.

Luciana Bertot, student and graduate of Image Campus
Luciana Bertot
Concept artist
The Other Guys

In addition to my degree, at Image I had the opportunity to explore other paths and meet people from the animation field for video games. The knowledge that the race gave me allowed me to face this new challenge and dedicate myself to what I like the most.

Santiago Villa, student and graduate of Image Campus
santiago villa
Art & Creative

Before studying at Image, I did not know anyone who made a living from animation and who could guide me to make this a profession. The career provided me with tools and a network of contacts to enter the industry. After 10 years I continue to apply many concepts learned and I only have thanks to the institution.

Rosina Merola Molinaro student and graduate of Image Campus
Rosina Merola Molinaro
3D Game Artist

In Image I was able to have a general overview of everything and discover what I liked the most. I learned to work in a team, something that an internet course does not give you. Thanks to my time at the institution, I was able to meet a lot of people and contacts that allowed me to enter the industry.

Tomás Radero, student and graduate of Image Campus
Thomas Radero

In Image I acquired the necessary tools to train as a professional with extensive knowledge in Game Design. We see script, psychology, production, etc., explained and put into practice in a great way by teachers of a high level. With what I have learned so far, I feel capable of taking the first steps in the industry.